When Will I Get My Photos And Video?

Photos will be typically be delivered by the next business day. Video tours and video ads are delivered in 2 to 3 business days. Please contact me for expedited rates if faster turnaround times are needed.



For an exterior shoot, it’s up to you as long as the owners are notified. Interior shoots require the owner or someone from your team to be present. If you are an established client and have a vacant property you want me to shoot, call me at (404) 993-2735


What If THe Weather Is Lousy?

I will contact you via text message or email 48 hours prior to the scheduled shoot with the weather forecast and confirmation of our shoot time and location. If the weather forecast does not look favorable, we will reschedule at that time.


What If I Don't Like Your Photos and/Or Video?

I stand by my work - I will happily correct any mistakes I have made free of charge. However, I do not price my work to reflect client-lead edits. Any additional, after-the-shoot client edits will be charged at $100 per round.

Additionally, if you do not like my overall work I offer an unconditional money back guarantee. Contact me at any time with questions or concerns about my work.



Payment is due within 5 days of the scheduled shoot. However, in order for your listing to be advertised by me on Facebook and Instagram I require payment in full.


How Do I Receive My Photos And Videos?

All photos are uploaded to Dropbox.com, and are exported all ready for uploading GAMLS and placing on full-size print materials. If you have an MLS number ready for the listing, I can upload your photos to GAMLS on your behalf as a free courtesy - just ask! Please note that this is an initial upload, you still need to maintain the listing photos after my upload.

Videos will be made available for download and also hosted on a professional video streaming service on Vimeo.com.


Any Tips On Staging For Aerial Or Interior Photos?

I have compiled a list of easy, common staging tips. Feel free to share it with your sellers :)