Aerial Imaging for Construction Projects

Some of the reasons that aerial photography using Drones (UAV's), will change the face of construction site reporting:

Aerial Progress Shots - A picture is worth a thousand words. Using drones to undertake progress shots across a construction site allows closer access and is therefore a great tool that provides detail you will never achieve from a helicopter.

Safety - An "Unmanned Aerial Vehicle" is exactly that; unmanned. For all those hard to get to places, like the scaffolding on the top of your construction? Eliminate the risk and deploy the UAV. You can save time, minimize the personnel required and reduce the need for costly and dangerous plant equipment like Elevated Work Platforms (EWPs).

Stakeholder Communication - Gone are the days where you need to take a bus load of bankers through your site to kick the dirt. A simple two minute video can take the viewer on a journey through the site, often allowing them to see more than they would from the ground. 

Marketing & Community Consultation - First impressions count! Create a positive buzz about your project using video or photos captured by a drone in place of a text filled flyer or information bulletin. Often this content can be an invaluable aid in marketing a project or for use in ongoing community consultation. 

Minimize Progress & Schedule Disputes  - Eliminate the need to argue about "what" happened on site by having detailed aerial shots so that you can focus on the "why", which is actually the real dispute at hand. Whilst site diaries and a progressively updated construction schedule play an important role, detailed progress shots taken from a drone are fast becoming another valuable tool in tracking and documenting progress. 

3D Modeling & Bulk Civil Quantities - Why have three surveyors crawling over your civil works when you can buzz the drone over the site and compile the 3D model to confirm quantities for a progress claim. Use your surveyor efficiently by cutting much of the time and cost out of survey work, whilst reducing the need for personnel in the field. 

Environmental Compliance - Erosion, sediment controls and revegetation captured from a bird's eye view can be an invaluable tool for both internal reporting and compliance with authority conditions. The added benefit to using UAVs is that it can minimize the need for timely inspections with authorities, which can be particularly costly for all concerned in remote locations.

Price List


Per Photo $99/photo
Hourly Rate $99/hr